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How to Create a Custom eCommerce Theme on WordPress / WooCommerce – Local, Underscores & Bootstrap

By Raddy in WooCommerce / WordPress ·

In this video, tutorial we are going to create an E-Commerce website using WordPress as our CMS and the plugin WooCommerce. We are going to heavily use Bootstrap for our layout, but we are also going to save some time by using the software Local for our local server and last but not least we will be using a startup theme called Underscores.

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  1. Liam Tylor says:

    A good tutorial Raddy. Learned alot. I was stuck in my theme and you helped me out in a big way man.
    If you can please do product slider as well. and a way to make a plug in . looking forward to great contents.

    1. Raddy says:

      That’s great to hear, Liam! Thank you for the comments and I am liking the suggestions.

  2. Rasha says:

    Hi , categories opacity is not working at all with me
    .categories__col {
    height: 212px;

    img {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    //object-fit: cover;

    i had to comment object-fit and add height 100%
    any solution please ?

    1. Rasha says:

      I mean object-fit:cover is the one that not working , i had to add height: 100% to the image to make it fit

      1. Raddy says:

        Hey Rasha,
        You do need width and height on the image to make the object-fit work.
        I must have missed adding the height of 100% to the image. Sorry about that!

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